Избор на език

A typical Orthodontic treatment , takes 6-24 months. The treatment time depends on the movements the teeth need to undergo.


In straight-wire treatment the orthodontist  bonds braces on the teeth and aligns them with a special spring. As the treatment advances the orthodontist changes the wire from flexible to more rigid, finally aligning the teeth to a very firm arch form.


In many cases it is required to make fine tuning and adjustments at the end of the treatment by using wire bending or changing the location of braces (re-bonding). The main need for corrections is caused by the way the treatment is planned - the orthodontist can see the start of the treatment but not the end.


It is possible to speed up the treatment using a computer system that allows to plan the treatment objective by looking at teeth geometry both at the beginning and at the end of the treatment. This way the location of the braces is determined by the final location of each tooth. In many cases such a design leads to a treatment that advances to the objective smoother, faster with less re-bracketing or bending.


Another important factor that can help is accurate selection of appliances.

Кое за Вас е по-важно при избора на зъболекар?