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Dental clinic "Sanodent"
At the Dental clinic "Sanodent"  you will be served professionally and will receive high quality dental treatment. The clinic is high-tech equipped, operates with dental materials of recognized world producers.
We, The Dr Yanevs family, have been working together as a professional and personal team for 19 years. Graduates from the Stomatological faculty in VMI Plovdiv, we successfully combine, with the help of lot of hard work, our marriage and family life with our professional careers.

Our team offers the following denistry services:
  • Implantology;
  • Endodontia;
  • Prevention;
  • Aesthetic denistry;
  • Red aesthetic;
  • Children denistry.

Plovdiv 4003, 14, Belgrad Str.

Tel: + 359 (888) 633 544;  457 901; 


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