Избор на език
PROFIDENTAL Studio Petar Duchev
Perfection is not granted by chance!

In dentistry the perfect results are achieved through the combination of the precisely chosen materials and procedures with the conformity with the patients’ requirements and their biological individuality.
It is true that the biology and the dental technology dictate the treatment schedule and we thank our patients for their readiness to give us time in order to create their beautiful and shining smiles.

We adhere to the principle to use always exclusive materials and procedures with trusted and proven quality.
We search constantly for the best decisions and products for satisfying our patients’ needs and we stay in touch with many world leading dental clinics and specialists.
The prophylaxis and aftercare therapy are important parts of every dental treatment and in our dental practice they are compulsory for keeping the results achieved.
Master ceramist and dental technicians are also associated to ProfiDental Studio. Their skills are of fundamental importance for creation of the perfect smile you are dreaming about.

Our office is situated in the central part of Sofia, close to the crossroad "Pette kiosheta". Our address is: 9  "Khan Asparuh", floor 1, Sofia

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
phone: 02 480 65 81; 0888 40 36 95
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