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Dental clinik "Dr.Kuneva"
Dr. Kuneva and her staff offer you world-class dentistry. Experience the Spirit of Bulgarian North Coast throughout your visit to our office and Varna. The Bulgarian spirit is as warm as our sun, as welcoming as our smiles, as beautiful as our scenery.
In creating esthetic dental excellence, we have been fortunate to have many of our patients come from other countries and other places in Bulgaria. These patients especially appreciate the high level of dental quality and service excellence we provide.

Dental clinik "Dr.Kuneva" offers the followin treatement:
  • Complete dental treatment plan;
  • Esthetic dentistry;
  • Esthetic fotocomposite fillings;
  • Orthodontic treatment for children and adults-associate orthodontist;
  • Bridges and crowns- metal-ceramic, gold-ceramic and nonmetal constructions;
  • Root canal treatment- method, protecting the tooth from cyst development;
  • Total and partial prosthesis (dentures);
  • Surgery, including periodontal surgery and gum lift;
  • Implants- associate implantologist;
  • Tooth whitening- office and home system;
  • Pregnancy and oral health;
  • Preventive dental sealant;
  • Children's dentistry ;
  • Cleaning- scaling and root planning; flossing brushing techniques;
  • Laser treatment;
  • X-rays.

Varna, 26 "Ivan Drasov" street

Tel: + 359 52  631 696

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