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Dentaprime clinic
The Dentaprime clinic specialises in dental implants and aesthetic dentistry. It is located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in the attractive town of Varna, only minutes away from the beautiful Golden Sands resort. The clinic combines the highest standards with considerable price advantages for its patients.
The Dentaprime clinic offers the followin denistry treatements:

  • Total reconstruction for a beautiful natural smile;
  • Metal-free, full ceramic crowns are naturally translucent;
  • The secret behind the Hollywood smile: veneers;
  • Anaesthesia for anxious patients and busy people.

DENTAPRIME Dental Clinic

9010 Varna, St. Constantine Resort, 27 St., No 1

Tel: 0800 781 96 37 (Enquiries)
+359 (52) 36 20 23 (Clinic)


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