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Doctor Dobrev
Dr. Dobrev MD graduated Dentistry at the Sofia Dental Faculty in 1978. He passed through all stages of professional realization from G.P. in the village of Rudartsi, Pernik, dentist in 21st Dental Polyclinic Sofia, Head of 20th Dental Polyclinic and Manager of Dental Centre XX Sofia Ltd. He has been working for some years in Libya.

In his everyday practice Mr. Dobrev applies all modern treatment methods:

  • cosmetic dentistry
  • bonding
  • teeth bleaching
  • incrustations with artificial pearls of the front teeth
  • paradontose teeth splinting with RIBBOND and bridge reparations without teeth grinding with Kevlar RIBBOND.

Sofia, "Ovcha Kupel" quarter 2, bl.23, Entr. B app. 46

tel: + 359 2 956 01 32

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