Избор на език
Doctor Donev
The purpose and mission of our practice is to provide the most up-to-date and efficient orthodontic and prosthetic care and to attain excellent results.

In our office we offer:
  • Orthodontic treatment of children, adolescents and adults;
  • Preventive orthodontic (with removable appliances);
  • Orthodontic – orthopedic treatment for children with removable and fixed appliances;
  • Adult orthodontic treatment( with fixed appliances);
  • Orthodontic treatment patients with TMD and wit skeletal problems requiring orthodontic surgery;
  • Temporary restorations and coverage;
  • Fixed and removable prostheses;
  • Porcelain – gold and acrylic fixed prostheses ( crowns, inlays, bridges, ect.);
  • Removable denture prostheses;
  • Partial prostheses;
  • Composite materials restorations .

Sofia, 18 "Daskal Manol" street

tel: + 359 2 954 29 19

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