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Doctor Tsvetanov
Dr. Kamen Tsvetanov is dental orthodont. He has specialized in the treatment of dental deformaties and bracket insertion.
Dr. Kamen Tsvetanov offers the followin procedures:
  • Caries treatment;
  • Pulpit treatment of single-, dual- and multiple root teeth as well as deciduous teeth;
  • Parodontite and non-vital teeth treatment;
  • Reconstruction fo teeth using pins and celuid crowns;
  • Clinical oral hygiene;
  • Parodontit treatment;
  • Manifacturing of crowns bridges and prosthesis;
  • Extraction so single-, multi-root, fractured, deciduous teeth and fragments;
  • Extraction of semiretinated and retinated teeth;
  • Interoral incisions, frenolotomies, papilotomies, circumcisio and dreinages;
  • Apocalniostetomas;
  • Dental anomalies treatment ;
  • Aparates;
  • Braces: metal; golden; synthetic; sapfire.

Sofia 1000, 20-22 William Gladston Str. ground floor

tel.: +359 2 9882919

mobile: +359 888 704658

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