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Doctor Nenova

Dr. Nenova has graduated from the Department of Stomatology at Sofia Academy of Medicine in 1978.She has a a long and continuos professional experience. She had worked for seven years in the country, before she started practising at the Stomatological Polyclinic in the city of Varna in 1985.

Doctor Nenova's Dental Surgeries offer::

  • expert professional care and services;
  • cozy atmosphere, kind and friendly attitude;
  • Answers to all your questions;
  • counseling and development of an optimal treatment plan;
  • treatment, adequate to the latest tendencies in the field of stomatology;
  • painless manipulations;
  • prevention care.

Varna, 8B "Hristo Samsarov" street

tel: + 359 52 6181 69


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