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Powered Toothbrushes May Help in Periodontal Disease Treatment
Written by Нанси Волкерс - InteliHealth News Service   
by Nancy Volkers
InteliHealth News Service

People getting treated for periodontal disease might be better off using an electric toothbrush, says new research.

Scientists from the University of Geneva assigned 70 adults to brush with either a manual toothbrush or an electric one. All of the adults were being treated for periodontal disease.

After 28 days, the people using the electric toothbrushes had less plaque on their teeth. Their gums also were less likely to bleed when the dentist probed them.

The electric toothbrushes were not better in helping to treat other signs of periodontal disease, such as periodontal pockets or receding gums.

The study appears in the April issue of the Journal of Periodontology.
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