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Baby's first toothbrush should be a cotton swab
Written by DPA   
понеделник, 02 април 2007
Munich­ New parents should waste no time starting their child's dental care, according to German magazine Baby and Familie. The magazine advises using cotton swabs to clean a baby's first teeth. Once a child has four or five teeth, switch to a baby toothbrush.
Parents can start teaching their children about toothbrush use at age three. Most children of that age only manage to clean the surface of the teeth, meaning parents have to help out with the rest.

Once children reach school-going age, they can learn more about proper cleaning techniques - first clean the surface and then clean the insides and outsides of the teeth using circular motions from the gum to the crown.

The magazine advises against fluoride-fortified toothpaste for children under three as small children often swallow toothpaste, which makes it hard to get the dosage right.

Instead, they should be given tablets fortified with Vitamin D. Once children learn to spit out toothpaste, they should start using a paste fortified with .05 per cent fluoride.

If a dentist recommends more fluoride, consult with a paediatrician to ensure there's no overdosing.
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